We at Art-in develop, design and produce kitchens, marble and home accessories in our factories, aspiring through that to perfection and excellence.

Today, Art-in offers the fusion of three popular compounds suitable for modern era in the design and manufacture of kitchen, marble, bathroom cabinets and household appliances.

At Art-in, we have professional designers and planners, as well as an ultra-modern factory and an accurate and computerized painting system that meets international and global standards.

Art – in applies the principle of the final product in all stages of production in all its factories. This principle allows flexibility and full control over all stages of production, as well as the possibility of matching home furnishings to the design line of the house and the implementation of special and distinguished projects with great accuracy.

The possibilities under the roof of Art-in are unlimited in design, planning, innovation, materials and manufacturing through the use of the finest premium raw materials throughout the stages of planning, production, packaging, transportation until the installation of the product in the customer’s home in a way that satisfies him completely.

The feedback we got from our customers over the past years is what encourages us to continue creativity and innovation in design, planning and production of the finest and most luxurious kitchens and household appliances.

We care about the field of customer service and give it a special attention that is no less important than other areas, because our work revolves around the customer and his satisfaction, which in our view is the center of our work and care.