At Art-in, we have partnered with renowned marble companies such as Caesarstone, Dekton, Infinity, Ascale, Coante, Silestone, Anova stone

to ensure that we deliver the utmost quality to our esteemed customers. We take great pride in these associations, as they reflect our commitment to excellence. Moreover, we are continuously seeking new collaborations to enhance the variety of choices available to our valued clientele. Our passion lies in consistently improving and expanding our offerings, guaranteeing our customers the finest selection and an unparalleled experience.


Coante is a high-quality surfacing material for indoor applications like kitchen countertops and vanity tops. It blends quartz, a durable mineral, with advanced Breton technology to create visually appealing and functional quartz surfaces.

Infinity stone

Infinity stone is a specialized kitchen surface made in Italy from natural minerals. It offers a durable and eco-friendly option without synthetic compounds, making it popular among kitchen designers globally, including in Israel.


Dekton is an innovative surface by Cosentino that utilizes exclusive ‘TSP’ technology. It offers exceptional functional and aesthetic properties, making it popular in high-end kitchens. It is versatile for both indoor and outdoor surfaces and comes in a variety of colors with unique textures, from polished to matte.


Caesar Stone is an artificial material produced by combining quartz and polymers. It is different from natural marble, which is formed from sedimentary rocks. It offers a wide range of colors, textures, and shapes, making it a popular choice for kitchen surfaces in Israel. It’s important to note the distinction between Caesar Stone and natural marble when selecting materials for your kitchen.


ASCALE BY TAU is a leading brand in Israel, offering specially designed porcelain surfaces for large and stylish kitchen spaces. Their unique technology ensures high antibacterial properties and exceptional durability. With a variety of models, textures, and thicknesses, ASCALE BY TAU provides innovative design solutions and functional advantages.


Silestone is a top brand for kitchen work surfaces, chosen by thousands worldwide. It offers unique properties, combining beauty and functionality with exceptional impact resistance. With three luxurious textures, Silestone is synonymous with design, providing options from velvety to solid and structured finishes.


Anova Quartz is a renowned brand known for producing high-quality natural quartz surfaces. With a focus on uniqueness and constant innovation, Anova offers a wide range of models and collections. As an official importer of quartz surfaces, they prioritize customer satisfaction and provide tools for creating unique and trendy interior designs. Anova surfaces are preferred worldwide for their durability, strength, and modern aesthetics.